R-99 SMG

A Tier
Head Damage:18
Body Damage:12
Type:Rapid-fire automatic SMG
Ammunition Type: Light

Weapon Description

The R-99 is a close-quarter rapid-fire automatic submachine gun (SMG) in Apex Legends. It has high fire rate but suffers in the damage category. It uses light ammo and the mag holds a total of 18 rounds. Despite the R-99’s blistering fire rate, the gun falls short in almost every other aspect when compared to other SMG guns. The weapon also struggles with accuracy, has low clip size and high upwards recoil. It is quite good though if used in close quarter combats.

The R-99 deals 12 body damage and 18 headshot damage.

Magazine Attachments:
  • Extended Light Mag
Stock Attachments:
  • Standard Stock
Barrel Stabilizer:
  • Recoil reduction
Optics Attachments:
  • 1x Holo
  • 1x Digital threat
  • 1x-2x Variable Holo
  • 1x HCOG Classic
  • 2x HCOG Bruiser
  • 3x HCOG Ranger
  • 2x-4x Variable AOG

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