Apex Legends gets a new weapon – The Havoc

Today’s Apex Legends update makes a few fixes but also adds a first new weapon. The new weapon is Havoc assault rifle, at the moment the most powerful weapon for now in its category. It is quite different than weapons in the game’s existing arsenal. 

The Havoc is a fully automatic energy assault rifle, that handles in a similar way to current rifles like the R-301 Carbine or the Hemlok Burst AR.

Respawn showed off the first new gun in a new trailer, check it out if you still didn’t.

The Havoc is the only weapon for now that can be equipped with two different hop-ups; Turbocharger and Selectfire Receiver.
Two hop-up attachments are items that can modify the way a gun performs, that makes it one of the more versatile weapons in the game. Until now in Apex Legends guns usually supported only one kind of hop-up.

Turbocharger eliminates autofire spin-up tume and Selective Receiver enables charge beam alt-fire mode. There are also 1x Holo and 1x Digital Threat optics attachments available for this gun.

This recently introduced weapon indicates that Respawn isn’t afraid to experiment with things that could potentially unbalance the Apex Legends.

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