How to Glide in Apex Legends

Kings Canyon, the game’s map is pretty big, but you can still get eliminated instantly when you land. The solution is to travel farther when you drop, so you can reach distant high tier areas, where nobody lands.

You’ll need to learn is how to dive correctly. In other words to fly in a manner that allows you to reach destinations before your rival players.

The fastest way to drop in Apex Legends is to dive and glide repeatedly until you land where you want. This game has a nice HUD interface when landing so take a look at it when you land. On ther right part of the screen is a speedometer and on the right is a altitude meter.

It’s actually very easy to learn how to glide correctly in Apex Legends.
When you gain speed with diving and then transfer it into a glide, you get farther and also fly to the ground faster. So, try these instructions to go farther and faster:

  1. Dive by heading straight down to build up speed (speedometer is on the left).

  2. Glide when you get maximum speed by flattening your direction and head towards your destination.

  3. Repeat after your speed has fallen again.

With this ”Dive, Glide and Repeat” method you can easily reach at least 900 meters.

So, in general you want to dive until you reach speeds of 140 – 145 and glide when you slow to 130 – 132 on your speedometer.

For landings close to the dropship, you should glide less and dive more to keep your speed high. You should continually dive until last moment, then you can glide to reach your drop location.

If you want to land far away from the dropship, you need to use the ”Dive, Glide, Repeat” method to get farther. Keep looking on altitude meter, if you dive too much and lose all of your altitude you might end up falling short.

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