How to become a better player in Apex Legends

I’ve received many questions on how to become a better player in Apex legends and after playing a good amount of matches in recent days I managed to learn a thing or two which can help you improve your game play and get more kills. Having enough knowledge by now, I decided to write this article, through which I will share with you some tips and tricks which have made me a better player myself.

The article will be orientated to beginners who are new to Apex Legnds, however even the hardened veterans might learn a thing or two which they did not know about.

First thing… selecting the legend.

As you probably already know, our first interaction with the game when starting a match is selecting a legend or a hero as some people call them. If you are a new player to this game and you only had a few matches, this is not something that should concern you. Most of new players stress them self with questions which legend is the best, fastest or strongest. The real answer to this question is none… or all of them. The best legend to play with is the one which suits your style of game play the most. Team composition of the squad is also not something which you should pay special attention to in the beginning, although this can change later, especially when playing with friends.

All legends have same speed attributes and same movement capabilities. Although a beefy looking Gibraltar may seem to be moving slower, it is in fact not which was also officially confirmed by Respawn Entertainment.

Flying and landing

So you jump out of the plane and need to land somewhere… sounds simple right, however it is very important to select a right landing zone as well as getting there first and gain the advantage of picking up the weapon first.

If you are the fly master of the squad, you can select the area to which you want to drop and lead your squad towards it, as long as they want to follow you. I have already written an article about the best landing zones in Apex Legends, make sure to check it out and see in which zones you have the highest chances for the best loot.

Apex Legends map showing loot spots.
Apex Legends map showing loot spots.

How to glide

First thing to do when jumping out of the plane is pointing your legend head-down directly towards the ground until you develop the glide speed of 150, which is indicated on the left screen gliding indicator. After reaching the speed you should level your legend and point it towards the area you have chosen. Keep an constant track of your glide speed, if you begin to slow down, point your legend towards the ground again to increase speed and reach your targeted area before anyone else.

After landing the first thing on the list is finding a weapon, body armor and a helmet which greatly increase your chance of surviving the first encounters with other players.

Learn about weapons and how to use them.

If you are looking how to become a better player in Apex legends the most important thing for a new player to do is to learn about all the available weapons in the game and how each gun performs in action. I cannot stress enough the importance of such knowledge as guns are the most important thing in this game and once you master them, you will master this game as well.

So which gun is the best you might ask. Good question as there are good ones and well… not so good ones. I am going to recommend you a few of my favorites weapons, which i like to keep in my load out while playing Apex Legends.

Recommended Weapons

Wingman Revolver

Lets start with pistols, my absolutely favorite one is called Wingman. It is a high powered revolver which uses heavy ammo and holds 6 rounds in its chamber. Al tough you might think that pistol is not the best weapon to bring when fighting an opponent with fully automatic weapon, Wingman is capable of causing great damage to your enemies and knocking them down in a few shots. Extremely good pistol with devastating damage. You can read more about Wingman pistol and find it’s stats here.

Wingman Pistol
Wingman Pistol Revolver

Peacekeeper Shotgun

If you manage to find a Peacekeeper you should definitively keep it in your loadout as this gun is devastating from close range and highly effective even in mid range. Peacekeeper is a lever-action shotgun capable of bringing down whole enemy squad if used well in right hands. Peackeeper stats can be found here.

Peacekeeper Shotgun
Peacekeeper Shotgun

Weapons to avoid


Speaking of weapons which you should avoid, Mozambique surely takes the first place on the list. This gun is a hybrid between a shotgun and a pistol with pretty low damage and very poor accuracy, making it extremely hard to hit your opponents. If you are interested in details stats of Mozambique shotgun you can find them here.

Mozambique Shotgun
Mozambique Shotgun

Alternator SMG

Another weapon which you should avoid, with second place on our list of shame is Alternator SMG. This pistol-alike SMG has very low damage and is highly inaccurate when firing it auto mode which means that you probably wont land many shots and even if you do, they wont cause much damage. View detailed stats of Alternator on this link.

Alternator SMG
Alternator SMG

Color of the loot boxes

After you kill an enemy player you will see a loot box remaining after them in which you can pick up all the gear they have looted so far. Pay special attention to the color of the glow around the box. If the box is glowing blue it means that it contains a quite rare item and if the color is purple then the loot inside is even better. If you manage to stumble upon the rarest items with gold color glow then you should definitively pick up the loot inside.

You can find the best loot inside the supply drops which come flying down from a ship. They usually hold the rarest loot items of purple color but beware as everyone in your area can see the drop on the map and there is a very high chance you won’t be the only one who is headed towards obtaining the sweet items hidden inside.

Learning the Shortcut Keys

When in combat, you will be faced with many situations where you might run out of ammo on your current weapon or where your current weapon might not have enough range to reach your enemy. Switching between your weapons quickly is vital in such cases and the quickest way to do so is using shortcut number keys of 1 and 2 on your keyboard. Pressing the number 1 key will bring your primary weapon while pressing on key 2 will bring your secondary weapon. Key number 3 is also of great importance as it holsters away any current weapon and enables you to move much faster with increased agility.

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