Best landing zones in Apex Legends?

In this article we will be revealing you the best landing zones in Apex Legends based on tiers. As mentioned in Apex Legends, loot spots are split into tiers (high, medium, low). When you drop into an area the game will inform you at the top of your screen, and you will know whether you are in a low, medium or high tier loot spot. It’s recommended to remember the best spots when you explore the map. Check the map bellow and the list of loot spots f that you should consider dropping to at the start of each game.

Loot Tier Locations

When you get into specific areas on the map you will notice the name listed to the right of your mini map. Under the name of the location, it will display a tier rating of the loot. There are High, Mid and Low Tier Loot.

Check our map bellow, it is displaying the tier areas in the game.

Circles on the map bellow are showing loot regions. Purple color shows High-Tier loot, blue color shows Mid-Tier show Mid-Tier loot and grey color shows Low-Tier Loot.

Apex Legends map showing loot spots.

It’s going to be beneficial to you if you land at a high tier loot areas, so we will list a few of the loot areas that seem awesome!

Let’s recap the map. High Tier Loots are:

  • Relay
  • Bunker
  • Artillery
  • Water Treatment
  • Swamps
  • Wetlands
  • Hydro Dam
  • Repulsor
  • Thunderdome
  • Airbase
  • The Pit

Pretty much all the named areas on the map will give you good loot, but some are safer than others. And be aware that these are all High Tier loot spots and you can expect players to drop to them regularly. 

Three best landing spots in Apex Legends

Disclaimer for new Apex Legends players: If you are first time playing and you want to get some loot without getting killed immediately then land at the spots shown on the map bellow. You can enter these areas for a good loot, and likely avoid any other players.

Apex Legends map with loot regions for new players.

So let’s get to the point, here are our three best landing options for Apex Legends players.

Relay landing spot

This area is located in the north-eastern corner of Kings Canyon. Relay area is a good spot for a bunch of crates and loot scattered around particularly in the large compound area on the right side. Here you are often left to loot in peace and you will rarely see any players landing in the area.

However this spot can be problematic for getting to the next region, but just look for a nearby relaunch balloon that you can take and the problem is solved.

Water Treatment landing spot

Water Treatment area is a wast area often having tons of Mid to High tier loot across several large buildings and supply boxes. If you land towards the back of it you can find a ton of early supply crates and grab some loot. This area is suited for a slower style of play, because the area may be quite the distance from other nearby locations.

Bunker landing spot

Bunker region has two sides to it, and both sides have multiple supply crates to quickly grab. You can also run inside and there is a LOT of loot scattered in many rooms. This is a very tight place, so if you don’t like close combats you might want to avoid landing at Bunker area.

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