Barrel Stabilizer attachments comparison

In this article we are going to be breaking down barrel stabilizer attachments to let you guys know how exactly these work and how they will affect your gun.

If you just read the attachment description, barrel stabilizers reduce recoil on your weapons. We are going to have a much deeper look into this show you the exact view kick values that are changed with barrel stabilizers and how much each of the tiers will affect these values.

The values that are going to be affected are view-kick values for both pitch and yaw or otherwise called vertical and horizontal recoil as well as our randomness values for pitch and yaw.

The first set of values are going to be our view kick base values, this value just determines how much your weapon will kick on average every time you fire a shot. The higher the value, the more recoil you will see with that weapon.

The second set of values are going to be our random values, these are also separated by horizontal and vertical (or pitch and yaw) values. The larger the number of randomness, the more random variants you’ll find between each shot as you are firing your weapon, so not every single bullet that you fire with a gun is going to give you the exact same amount of recoil as there is a certain amount of randomness attributed to that. This is why the recoil on some guns is going to be more consistent and predictable than others.

Without further delay, let’s get into the exact values that are changed by the barrel stabilizers, then we will move to side by side comparison between no barrel stabilizer versus level 3 stabilizer and then finally comparison between a purple (or level 3) and yellow (level 4) barrel stabilizer, the change between those is very subtle however still noticeable.

Vertical and horizontal recoil values

Starting with vertical recoil only, the level one barrel stabilizer will give you a 10% base reduction to your recoil which is very minor, hardly even noticeable, but it will also give you a 20% reduction to the randomness value of your recoil.

Level two barrel stabilizer will give you a 15% reduction to base vertical recoil value and a 25% reduction to the randomness value.

Barrel Stabilizer - Vertical Recoil Stats
Barrel Stabilizer – Vertical Recoil Stats

This leaves us with level 3 and level 4 barrel stabilizers, they are exactly identical in their values which give you a 20% reduction to vertical recoil and a 35% reduction to the randomness value.

As for our horizontal recoil, it’s pretty much the same story, our base value reduction is going to be the same for all the barrel stabilizers but our randomness values arent reduced quite as much when it comes to the horizontal range when using barrel stabilizers.

 Barrel Stabilizer - Horizontal Recoil Stats
Barrel Stabilizer – Horizontal Recoil Stats

Actual effect while shooting your weapon

Now that I told you the exact value that are changing, lets find out how does that actually translate into the game. We will have a look at some recoil comparisons I managed to do in the training mode, we will only be using purple (level 3) barrel stabilizer as this is the only one available in training sadly.

We will be using R-301 rifle which uses light ammo, on the left hand side of the below screen shot, you can see how the recoil looks like without the barrel stabilizer and then on the right you can see a pretty noticeable difference with purple stabilizer equipped.

R-301 Barrel Stabilizer Comparison

No Barrel Stabilizer vs Level 3 Barrel Stabilizer comparison for R-301

I also decided to test one of the highest recoil guns in the game which is R-99 and as you can see on the screen-shot below, without barrel stabilizer we get quite a bit of recoil and then with the with the barrel stabilizer equipped, it is a relatively small reduction.

R-99 Barrel Stabilizer Comparison
No Barrel Stabilizer vs Level 3 Barrel Stabilizer comparison for R-99

Of course it does not hurt to have the stabilizer equipped on the R-99, however you can see that there is not as much of recoil reduction compared to R-301 and this is most likely just due to the fact that R-99 has higher standard recoil values, including that randomness value which will create more variance per shot.

Difference between level 3 and level 4 barrel stabilizer

The final thing we will have a look at is the difference between a purple and gold barrel stabilizer or level 3 and level 4 because as you saw in the numeric stats above, the recoil reduction is actually identical between these tubes, so what’s the difference?

Well the difference actually comes in your muzzle flash or the flames that come out of your barrel at the end of it and can obstruct your vision while firing the weapon. When you have a level 4 barrel stabilizer, this significantly reduces that muzzle flash and therefore your vision isn’t obstructed quite as much as you’re shooting at your target. At close to mid range this isn’t going to be a big deal but at really long ranges you can definitively lose your target in this muzzle flash.

Is it the end of the world if you don’t have that gold barrel stabilizer? Absolutely not, generally speaking muzzle flash isnt a big issue in this game based on my experience but it is a nice perk on top of the purple barrel stabilizer.

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