Apex Legends guide: How to use ziplines

When it comes to games such as Apex Legends, being able to be efficient with your movement is very important. One of the coolest way to move accross the map is by using Ziplines. Moving with ziplines will increase your mobility a lot in gameplay. In this article we present some tips to help you master the ziplines in Apex Legends.

How to use Ziplines and
Why are they the coolest thing in Apex Legends?

All ziplines (with the exception of Pathfinder’s unique ability) are pre-built into the map and they are positioned always at the same places every match. There are two types of ziplines; horizontal and vertical ”balloon” ziplines.

To interact with horizontal/vertical ziplines, you need walk up to one and hit your Interact key (“E”). You will automatically attach onto the zipline and start your ride. You can jump off at any moment, there’s no fear for injuring, in Apex Legends there is no fall damage. You can jump, turn 180 degrees, and quickly attach to the zipline again and that way change directions.

If you grab a vertical zipline (that ones with ballon) bear in mind that it will only give you the rocket effect if you reach the very top. If you jump off yourself, then you’ll simply fall down.

Being on a zipline makes you more difficult to hit and less vulnerable. You can also try spinning 180 degrees and turn around on the zipline, you can also shoot while you are on the zipline. You can holster your weapon as well and that will actually help you redeploy quicker. In brief, ziplines are a cool thing!

Ziplines are awesome and are one of the coolest features of Apex Legends, as it allows easy and fast movement between regions. There are balloons, which give players a fast travel into sky and that way you also get a second chance to use jetpack to fly.

Pathfinder; The Master of ziplines and grapples

As we know character Pathfinder is already equipped with a grappling hook, that allows him fast mobility and reach out-of-the-way places. If you love ziplines then play as Pathfinder. His zipline is a great tool for getting across the map, but be aware that it can lead you into an enemies. Pathfinder’s ziplines can use anyone so you better use safely his abilities. If you attach it to something high Pathfinder turns into a ‘’Spider Man’’, helping him swing across the map in no time.

Pathfinder’s grappling hook is not only for mobility purposes. Player can aim it directly at enemy player and shooting the hook, which will pull him closer.

How to grapple properly?

Let’s dive more into grappling. In order to perform a successful grapple or slingshot, you will need to keep three things in mind: the strafe direction, the grapple point, and the desired direction .Jumping is also a important part of the action, especially for grappling to heights or distances that might otherwise be unreachable. You should time it properly or jumping won’t even matter. Jump as soon as the grappling hook attaches to your desired target. However, You will need some practice to get a feel for the timing.

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